What are the requirements for steel ball quotation?

In the inquiry, customers often come up and ask: How to sell steel balls? How much is the steel ball?

I believe this is the most important issue for customers. I usually don’t offer a quote to the customer right away, which is also responsible for the customer. Since the client is unprofessional, it can be understood that he removes the asking price and is not clear about what quotation conditions are required.

Then let me tell you the conditions required for the steel ball quotation:

1. Steel ball size: metric 0.3MM-200MM; inch 1/64″-6″;

2. Steel ball material:

(1)Low carbon steel ball—Q235, this is divided into whether heat treatment, that is, whether carburizing treatment;

(2)Bearing steel ball-GCr15, American standard is AISI52100, German standard is 100Cr6, Japanese standard SUJ2;

(3)Stainless steel ball—–National standard 304, 316, 316L, 420, 440, 440C, etc.; non-standard materials 204, 665, etc.;

3. The quantity of steel balls: Please tell us the quantity. We calculate the price based on the quantity. If your quantity is small, please tell me. Dont be embarrassed, we will take the quantity seriously;

4. Steel ball grade/purpose: G10, G16, G28, G40, G60, G100, G200, G1000; the smaller the number, the higher the accuracy, if you dont know the grade, please state your tolerance requirements, or The use of steel balls, maybe we can judge the precision requirements of steel balls;

5. Packaging requirements for steel balls: woven bag + ton bag, iron drum + pallet, carton + pallet, wooden box + pallet, small bottle, etc.; packaging can also be customized according to customer requirements;

6. Other quotation elements of steel balls: Which port does the goods arrive? Whether to report FOB or CFR/CIF, please also explain these;

The above is clear, Condar Steel Balls will definitely be able to calculate accurate and preferential prices for you!

Post time: Jan-27-2021